Thursday, September 15, 2011

EDUC 578 Post #1-PLN Website Information

Upon learning that I would have to create and participate on the web through a Personal Learning Network, I was very apprehensive because it seemed so daunting.  After reviewing these three websites, however, it does not seem as daunting as I pictured it to be.  I will need assistance with all of the required tools, because I am not as "tech-savvy" as I should be, but I am not as intimidated by this task as I assumed I would be.

The first site that I reviewed was an article called, "Eight Ways to Build Your Personal Learning Network with Twitter, Google Plus, and More".  The link is:

What I liked about this article is that it was short and sweet and gave a couple of quotes I liked and one useful piece of information that I will most likely use when building my PLN.  I liked the idea of "no one learns alone" and how having a PLN expands your knowledge through what other people know and share.  I also liked how the author described the PLN as a "group of people who feed your learning head."  This article also pointed out that when you create and develop a PLN, you become a contributor, not just a consumer.  The one useful piece of information from this article that I plan on using once I create my PLN is on Twitter there is a hashtag #ntchat, which stands for New Teacher Chat.  I think this will be very useful for me and I will develop as an educator greatly from it.

The second site that I reviewed was through Google entitled, "Creating a Personal Learning Network with Web 2.0 Tools".  The link is:

This site was very useful because it has links to both videos and articles on how to establish your PLN.  There were videos on how to set up and use a Twitter account, how to create a blog, how to create a Podcast, etc.  The link that I found particularly useful was a link through the blog page, which gave useful tips for blogs.  There were lists of different blog sites you can use, and then there was specific sites for teachers.  There were also links of different blog programs you can use with students, which I think would be useful for any teacher looking to incorporate technology into the classroom.

 The third site the I reviewed I found will be the most useful to me as I develop my own PLN.  The site is called, "The Educators PLN-The Personal Learning Network for Educators".  The link is:

The reason that I feel that this site will be the most useful to me as I develop my own PLN is because this will be a site that I network on.  This site not only has information on how to develop your own PLN and links to blogging information, but it is in itself a forum for education discussions, links, events, etc.  There is even a tutorial for how to navigate the page itself!  This site contains podcasts of the leading voices in education, education events, a discussion forum where you can either begin or comment on a discussion (all geared toward education), and video that other educators post.  There is even a Top Content section that helps filter out all of the videos.  I did not get a chance to view the videos or links, but I know as I delve deeper into creating my PLN, I will become a part of this website!

Hope this information was helpful to others as well!


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