Thursday, October 6, 2011

My First Comment...

Hey Everyone!
It was a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to post about my first "commenting" experience out in the online world.  I was looking through the bookmarks in our Learning and Teaching group on Diigo and I saw an article that Jeff posted called Education Think:  Ten Reasons to Get Rid of Homework (And Five Alternatives).  This sounded interesting to me, so I read it.  I found that I didn't quite agree with the author, and was reading through all of the other comments that people left, and I decided that I would leave my very first comment (as opposed to just "lurking").  I was very nervous because I wasn't just affirming everything the article said and also because I've never done that before!  I was scared that someone would have something negative to say about my comment (I'm totally one of those students always looking for affirmation even when I know I'm doing an great job).  Anyway, I left my comment and there was no damage done.  One other person left a comment after me but didn't even address what I said.  So, no mean comment from the author upset that I didn't agree with him :)  I really don't know what I was so worried about, it's not like I know any of these people!
Thanks for reading!

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