Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Proud!

Hi Everyone!

If you have some time I would really like you to check out this Prezi done by my fiance, Michael Shepard.  I introduced him to Prezi and he liked it so much he decided to use it for his final project for his Sociology class.  Not only is it awesome he used Prezi, but the presentation is really well put together and really speaks to a lot of the issues that we have been discussing in my Historical Struggles for Educational Equity class (about socioeconomic status, race, capitalism, etc.). I'm very proud of his work so I wanted to share it!

Thanks for taking the time to view it, please leave any feedback you have below.  :)


  1. As someone who spent four years in the Air Force at an early age, I can say that it is rare to see the type of insight that Michael shows about the personal impact that some of the greater sociological issues can have on an individual. These insights speak to his self-awareness and to his understanding of complex, global society. All too often the military view is a shared and myopic view of the complexity of a larger society. From the teacher in me. . .there are some typos that need to be addressed. From the father in me, I am very happy that you two have found each other ;-)

  2. This is great! I love your enthusiasm for the tool and your fiance's use of it! The looking glass self slide really interested me. I'd love to be in a classroom discussion/reflection on that topic. As for our professor's comments above, they made me laugh...and smile:)